The EVDS will ask you if you have medical aid. If you do, you will need to enter the name of the scheme and also your medical aid number.  Some medical schemes will also ask you to register on a separate system, so that they can send you information about vaccines. You will, however, still need to register on the EVDS, as it’s the only way to book an appointment, regardless of whether you’re vaccinated at a public or private site, or have medical insurance. The only exception to this is Discovery. When you register on their system you are automatically registered on the EVDS as well.

Your medical aid has to follow the rules of the roll-out, so they’re only allowed to vaccinate a certain age group once the health department has announced that the age group has become eligible for vaccination. A medical scheme can, for instance, not vaccinate people of 18 and older if the health department has determined that only people of 35 and older can be vaccinated at that time.