The lucky draws will be run in the following way:

• For each draw, the following prizes will be won: (1 x R100,000; 10 x R10,000; and 200 x R1,000 prizes)

• Separate draws will be held for each prize category, commencing with the lucky draw of R100,000, then R10,000 and then R1000 respectively. In this
way, all eligible people stand to win the larger prizes in each draw.

• The EVDS team will appoint an individual with access to the relevant data to do a randomized selection of individual vaccination codes only.

• These codes will be provided to a second EVDS person who will match them against the name, ID number and cell number of the winners.

• This information will be provided to the Tier 2 National Contact Centre team who will be responsible for contacting the winners.

• The Finance team of the DG Murray Trust will review the documentation selection of winners and ensure that there is consistency and accuracy from the point of random selection to payment.