Winners will be offered the following:

• A deposit into a valid bank account (this will be required of all winners of R100,000 unless they are not legally eligible for a bank account); or

• Deposit into a Shoprite Money Market Account in their name and linked to their ID or passport number (this option is only for winners of R10,000 and R,1000).

• If winners of the R100,000 prizes do not have a bank account, they will be requested to open one to enable the money to be transferred into the account.

• If the residence status of a winner of R100,000 is such that they are not entitled to open a South African bank account, they will be offered the option of ten monthly payments of R10,000 into a Shoprite Money Market account.

Winners will be allowed to submit their identification and banking details by email, WhatsApp or SMS to the contact details which will be provided to them. Digital records of submission (in whatever form) will be retained by the DG Murray Trust. It is the responsibility of the winners to ensure that the details  provided are accurate, and the DG Murray Trust will not be held liable in the event that incorrect banking details are provided.