Use EVDS lookup to check

1. That the appointment SMSs are for the individual who was vaccinated and not for other family/friends who have been registered using the same mobile number.

2. If the client confirms that they were vaccinated, and there is NO confirmation of vaccination on SMS then most likely there is a need to back capture their record of vaccination

* record as escalation capturing client name, ID, mobile number, Date of Vaccination and

Site where vaccinated (especially if they were vaccinated at a different site to where they were invited)

* obtain copy of ID and paper vaccination record

* Reassure client that the query will be logged and that they should get a confirmation of 1st dose SMS once the EVDS is updated, and that they should receive a second dose appointment SMS close to the 42 day interval

* The client should go to their nearest vaccination centre from 42 days after their first dose even if they do not receive the 2nd dose appointment SMS. If they do not have medical aid, they should go to a public sector site.

* If they have WhatsApp, an additional recommendation would be to get them to add the support number (0600 123456) and agree to get information updates. 

3. Ops team should then escalate the case to the relevant contact to ask the vaccination site to get the vaccination record back-captured (use list of provincial and private sector group contacts).