Vaccination not recorded at site

1. Request the following documents from the citizen:

  • Copy of Identity Document of the vaccinee
  • Copy of the Vaccination card
  • Name of the vaccination site

2. Request the following documents from the site/provincial coordinator

  • Affidavit from the Vaccinator
  • Incident Report (signed off by the facility manager)

3. Verify the information against EVDS 

4. CAPTURE OF INFORMATION - This entails 3 possible solutions

4.1 Request vaccination site to back capture missing information

4.2 If site is unable to fix/capture, obtain  supporting documents from site and request provincial coordinator to update information

4.3 If provincial departments are unable to resolve or back capture the information,  send the request to  with:

  • Summary of update information request
  • Documentation from the citizen
  • Documentation from the vaccination site