Persons who have recently contracted COVID-19 may continue to test positive for weeks on PCR after full recovery. The majority of travellers who have recently recovered will not be able to produce a negative test as required by Regulations. If 

you are unable to produce a negative PCR test result due to having recently recovered from a COVID-19 infection and wish to travel to South Africa you must send a request to the Department for a letter of exemption. This is only applicable to travellers who have fully recovered and intend to travel within 90 days of the initial PCR test result that confirmed the infection. 

The request can be sent to and must be accompanied by a copy of your passport, the PCR test result that confirmed your initial infection and a letter from a medical practitioner confirming that you have fully recovered, you are not experiencing any new symptoms and you are fit to travel. 

The letter from the medical practitioner must have your name and surname as reflected on your passport and a date, signature, physical address and contact details of the medical practitioner. It is advisable that the request be submitted well in advance of the intended travel to allow for sufficient time for processing.