Every child is an individual who will develop at his or her own pace, and some areas of development may be faster than others.  Allow for this before you worry that your child is not developing as he/she should. Developmental milestones give you a general idea of what to expect at different ages. 

There are certain signs of developmental delay that need to be attended to and checked out at the clinic or by a doctor.

For babies if by 9 months’ old

  • Is not responding to sounds, not smiling or responding to you the way you expect
  • Avoids close contact or cuddling
  • Is inconsolable at night, can’t seem to self-soothe or calm themselves and has no interest in games like peek-a-boo.

For babies if by 1 year

  • Are not showing interest in other children their age
  • Has extreme difficulty waiting for something they want
  • Is very rigid about their routine, food items, clothing, etc
  • Has limited or fleeting eye contact with others
  • Does not imitate any of your actions and does not respond when you call their name
  • Does not follow your point when you try to show something, or bring attention to something
  • Doesn’t take turns in a simple turn-taking game like chase or peek-a-boo