Most parents are sensitive to the age at which their child reaches gross motor skill milestones, like walking and climbing stairs – and whether these achievements are considered "early" or "late." But you might also pick up on problems with your child's finer motor skills, like his ability (or inability) to draw a circle or brush his teeth.

Parents may notice that their child has difficulty with receptive language (understanding the meanings of words and sentences) or with expressive language (expressing ideas in words and sentences).

 Familiarize yourself with the normal timeline for developing cognitive and physical skills, so you can use it as a general guideline.


  • By 24 months most children can stack six blocks
  • By 30 months most pre-schoolers can wash and dry their own hands
  • By 36 months most can use three to four words in a sentence.
  • by 36 months most can name one color

 Keep in mind that if your child was born prematurely, he might need a bit more time than other kids his age to reach some developmental stages. Ask at your local clinic for more information about this.