Clinic visits are important in order to chart your child’s development.

At the clinic there are three charts that clinic/health staff will check up on your baby. They are:

  • Chart 1 which is the Weight-for-Age which shows whether your child is gaining enough weight as he grows. You will need to take baby’s clothes off, including the nappy, so that the weight measurement is accurate. If your child is underweight, the healthcare worker may ask you to bring your child every week or two weeks. This is to make sure your child’s weight is improving.
  • Chart 2 which is the Length/Height-for-Age that shows whether your child is growing normally or too slowly in height. It is measured every 6 months. Your healthcare worker may ask you to gently undo any hair braids, take off any hair ornaments and take off shoes to make sure the length/height measurement is accurate.
  • Chart 3 which is the Weight-for-Length/Height that indicates whether your child is gaining enough weight for his or her height.
  • Another important measure is MUAC or Mid-upper Arm Circumference. Your child’s MUAC should be measured every 3 months once she has turned 6 months old. From this measurement, the health worker will be able to tell whether your child is not getting enough food, may be sick & losing weight or is seriously underweight and must go to hospital.
  •  They will also measure your child’s head circumference to check that this is within normal range. If the health worker is worried, she may refer you to another healthcare provider.