Cultural beliefs and poor knowledge of the consequences of obesity means some parents do not take action to ensure their children eat healthy nutritious food and maintain a healthy weight. The cost of some nutritious foods is another contributory factor. Unfortunately, this often leads to overweight children.  

Overweight and obesity can lead to many short- and long-term health problems for children either now or in the future. Overweight or obese children can develop diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma and liver disease. It can also lead to bone or joint problems, as well as problems sleeping. There is increased risk of varied cancers later in life.

In addition to the potential health problems, overweight and obesity in children can also lead to psychological problems such as poor body image, low self-esteem, depression and put children at risk of eating disorders, behaviour and learning problems. Sometimes overweight and obesity in children can lead to social problems, stigma and exclusion.