• Stories play a big role in sparking your child’s imagination, stimulating curiosity and greatly expanding your child’s vocabulary, language development and therefore his brain development. Interesting pictures, or pictures of new people, objects, places or situations introduce your child to new information, new ideas and new understanding. 
  • Stories improve concentration and memory. They help your child learn the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make believe’. 
  • Stories can also be a safe way to explore and come to terms with strong emotions or situations that your child finds challenging or frightening. Books about going to the dentist, hospital, starting school or being separated from a parent can help him cope with these situations better. 

Listen to your child’s own stories – this will give you real insight into what he is thinking and experiencing. This improves the bonding and strengthening of that very special relationship between you and your child as you share the magic of story time together. 

Your child experiences your love and care and your undivided attention that tells him he’s important in your eyes. This strengthens her self-belief, her self-confidence and her self-esteem.