Some of the signs of physical development are easy to observe.

  •  baby rolling over at 3 or 4 months, 
  • sitting up without support by 9 months 
  • pulling herself up to walk around a year of age. 


Some other physical developmental milestones are: 

  • baby should be able to hold an object in both hands or pass it from hand to hand by 6 months. 
  • He should be playing with his fingers and lifting his toes towards his mouth by 6 months. 
  • By 9 months she can pick up small objects using her fingers. 
  • Between 1 and 2 years of age, he can walk and run a little, push and pull objects, build a 3-block tower and scribble with a crayon.  

Developmental milestones happen across the different domains or areas of development: physical, social, emotional, cognitive or intellectual, language and moral. We use these different domains or areas of development to help us observe whether or not our child’s development is on track, but they are very integrated, each area affecting other areas, they work together and build on previous development. 


Children are individuals who develop at their own pace, so there is a wide range in what is described as normal development. Different children will be able to do different things at different stages. Some children may seem advanced in one domain of development and behind in another. Premature babies can take longer to reach their developmental milestones.