Between the ages of 0-3 months, your baby will be comforted by a familiar adult, respond positively to touch, able to be quietened when picked up, listen to voices as well as will smile and show pleasure in response to social stimulation


Between the ages of 3-6 months, your baby will give warm smiles and laughs, recognize faces, cry when upset and seek comfort, show excitement by waving arms and legs, notice a difference between two people based on the way they look, sound, or feel, smile at herself in the mirror, enjoy looking at other babies, pay attention to her own name as well as laugh aloud.


Between the ages of 6-9 months, your baby will express several different clear emotions, play games like Peek-a-boo, show displeasure at the loss of a toy, respond to you when you talk to her or make gestures, start to understand your different emotions (for example, your baby might frown when you speak in an angry tone of voice), show more comfort around familiar people, and anxiety around strangers, possibly comfort herself by sucking thumb, or holding a special toy or blanket.


Between the ages of 9-12 months, your baby will show happiness to see her parents’ face, her toys, or a mirror, know strangers from his family, and cry when his parent goes away, give affection and love, pay attention to simple commands such as "no" and "give it to me", respond by turning to look when you call her name, imitate some of your actions (e.g., waving, pretending to talk on the phone), have fear with new situations, understand the word “no”, but will not always obey.