It is important to understand what changes are common during pregnancy and what deserves more attention. Here are some danger signs you should not ignore during pregnancy.

1. Bleeding

Bleeding may indicate a number of problems. You may experience bleeding in the first trimester when you have ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy means the fertilized egg has not implanted itself inside the uterus. You may also experience abdominal cramping with dizziness when your bleeding is due to an ectopic pregnancy. It may indicate a miscarriage, especially when you have heavy bleeding along with cramping during your second or first trimesters. Bleeding in the third trimester may indicate placental disruption.

2. Little or No Baby Movement

While some babies are generally less active, you should worry when your active baby suddenly shows no signs of activity. A significant decline in the activity of your baby may indicate a problem. You can try things to make your baby move. Simply drink something old and lie on your side. If you still notice no movement, it is time to see your doctor for further evaluation.

3. Breaking of Water

You should contact your doctor immediately if you notice water running down your legs. It could be urine, which is mainly due to the excessive pressure on the bladder, but you have to be sure and that may require a visit to your doctor's clinic.

4. Pain in the Abdomen

If you have severe pain in the abdomen with vomiting and nausea, do not ignore it. This could happen due to a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or placental abruption. You should also see your doctor when you have severe vomiting that makes it difficult to keep down liquid or food. You need immediate attention if your vomiting does not stop even after 24 hours. This could cause dehydration and deprive your baby of important nutrients.

5. Painful Urination

One of many danger signs during pregnancy is painful urination. It could develop due to a urinary tract infection. Not getting it treated quickly can cause pregnancy related issues – it increases risk of premature delivery and of having a baby with developmental issues.

6. Swelling in the Legs

Moderate swelling in the ankles and legs is quite acceptable, but you should see your doctor if you develop severe swelling in your legs as well as your fingers or face. If you also have other issues like headaches and blurred vision, it could be because you have pregnancy-induced hypertension. It requires immediate attention because it increases your risk of premature delivery.

7. Abdominal Cramping and Spotting

Danger signs during pregnancy also include severe bleeding with abdominal cramping as they may indicate a miscarriage. About 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriages, which is why you should take things seriously when you experience bleeding and cramping at the same time.

8. Feeling Sad

You may develop depression if you experience intense feelings of sadness during pregnancy. It is okay to feel a bit depressed at times, but if you just cannot shake that feeling no matter what you do, you may have to talk to your doctor to find a solution. It is indeed depression when you also have other symptoms such as feeling hopeless, changes in appetite, and having thoughts of harming yourself. Your doctor will ask about other symptoms and may use a combination of medication and therapy to treat the issue.

9. Frequent Urination and Excessive Thirst

Frequent urination is common during pregnancy, but you need to take it seriously if you also experience excessive thirst with fatigue. It could be a sign of gestational diabetes, which is common during the second trimester. You develop it when your body fails to produce enough insulin. Your doctor may prescribe medication or help treat the condition with insulin and diet.

10. Hypertension

High blood pressure has to be on the list of danger signs during pregnancy. It happens due to a condition called preeclampsia, which usually occurs when you are 20 week pregnant. You will experience some very uncomfortable symptoms including headaches, blurred vision, stomach pain, and high blood pressure. Your doctor may recommend an early delivery in case you have preeclampsia, especially if it is too early in your pregnancy. They may only give you some medication if you are closer to 37 weeks.

11. Constant Fatigue

You develop anemia when your body fails to produce enough red blood cells. In case of anemia, you may experience symptoms like shortness of breath, extreme tiredness, and constant fatigue. You may also look pale. Your doctor will prescribe iron supplements and other medications to help resolve the issue. In rare cases, you require a blood transfusion to avoid further complications.