On pages 14, 15 and 16 there is a Weight-for-Age Chart (one for boys in the boy’s booklet and one for girls in the girl’s booklet). After the healthcare worker has weighed your baby, she will make a mark in the right place on this graph that shows how much baby weighs at this age. She will then join the dots from the mark at the last visit. This will make a growth line on the chart so that you and the healthcare worker can see how your baby is growing. The ‘0’ line shows normal growth. 

If your baby’s growth line is reasonably close to this, he or she is growing fine.

 If baby’s growth line is under the red line below, or above the red line on top, there is a problem with baby’s growth that will need to be checked by the healthcare practitioner. I

f your baby’s growth line becomes flat, it shows growth faltering or failure to gain weight; if it starts to go down it shows loss of weight and this is a very serious health risk that needs attention from a doctor. 

Malnutrition is associated with more than ½ of all child deaths of children under 5. Your baby’s growth line may show that your baby’s growth is not what it should be either because baby has been ill, or is not getting enough nutritious food. They may advise you to make changes in what you are feeding your child, how much or how often. They may also give your supplements to give your child.