During the year between age 1 and 2, your toddler understands that he is a completely different person from you. Having her own way and declaring that something is ‘mine’ is a way she is coming to terms with this idea. It can also lead to defiance and a battle of wills sometimes, which takes a lot of patience from parents.

Your toddler wants to explore, but needs you around to reassure, support, encourage and protect him, and often to distract him when he’s determined to do something dangerous or unacceptable to you. 

She will love to play with you and may be clingy when you leave or be frightened of being left with unfamiliar people. He will be interested in other children and may play next to them, but won’t play with them yet, and cannot be expected to share. 

She will certainly copy and imitate the things you do, so watch the way you behave and the words you use! It’s amazing how often toddlers pick up and use swear words!