Physical development that becomes apparent between ages 2 to 4 is:

  1. In terms of their large muscle movements, by the age of 4, a young child should be able to walk, run, jump and climb confidently and with good coordination. In fact, he should also be able to walk backwards. She should be able to stand and hop on one leg, as well move rhythmically to music. Our emerging sports stars are now able to kick, throw and sometimes catch a ball. They can bend over and pick something up without over-balancing.
  2. In the small muscle movements of their hands and fingers, they have far greater control. They may more consistently prefer to use one hand to pick things up, hold a crayon or throw a ball. Let the child choose which hand to use, and never force them to use a particular hand. This choice of a particular hand to use is called hand dominance, and as this becomes established, your child will gain better and better control. She should be using a crayon to draw and by age 4 be able to copy a cross, a circle and a square. Young children love to draw and need lots of opportunities to draw people and things in their world in their own way, or to illustrate stories. It really doesn’t matter if you, the adult, can’t recognise what the drawing represents. Just show lots of interest, ask questions and give encouragement. It’s this control of the hand and its coordination with the eye that will become the ability to write later on.