Cholera is treatable. Rehydration (replacing lost body fluid) is the main treatment and is lifesaving. 


Mild Cholera: Mild cases of cholera can be managed outside the hospital with oral rehydration often resolving on its own. 


Moderate and Severe Cholera: Moderate and severely ill persons need to be admitted to hospital for treatment with rehydration and adequate fluid management – as soon as possible. This means drinking oral rehydration solution or intravenous (IV) fluid via a drip at your hospital or clinic. If severe dehydration is left untreated it results in death which is why the recommendation is to seek medical attention immediately when having watery diarrhoea. Level of dehydration should be assessed by medical professionals.

Antibiotics plus zinc are recommended for patients with moderate or severe dehydration to improve outcomes.


DON’T USE anti-diarrhoeal medication (those containing Loperamide (eg. Imodium)) as these can worsen the outcome.