There is an outbreak of measles affecting children in SA, especially those 5-9 years old.

? If you’re pregnant, try to avoid infected persons

Measles can cause premature birth, low birth weight and miscarriage.

Let family members and neighbours know about the outbreak.

?Look out for these symptoms

• High fever

• Runny nose

• Hacking (dry) cough

• White spots in mouth

• Sore throat

• Itchy, red rash that starts near the ears and spreads to the body, arms and legs

? Make sure your child is vaccinated

Check the Road to Health Booklet and take your child to the clinic for any missed vaccines. It’s never too late to make up a missed dose.

• Babies 6 – 11 months should have had 1 measles vaccination dose.

• Toddlers 12 months or older should have had 2 doses.

If your child isn't vaccinated and you see any measles symptoms, go to the clinic immediately.

? School vaccinations

If you have a child at school, please agree for them to get an extra vaccination dose (booster) free at school.