Sweating a lot at night can be super annoying hey! ? There are a few possible causes:

- The weather - when it's hot and humid, it can make you sweat buckets at night! Nothing much you can do about that, unfortunately.

- An infection - if you have an underlying condition, like TB or malaria, night sweats are common. If the sweating persists or is accompanied by other worrying symptoms, e.g. cough, weight loss, etc. you should get checked out by a nurse or doctor.

- Hormones - Young people go through lots of hormonal changes, which can cause extra sweating. It usually settles down after puberty.

- Anxiety - being stressed about school, relationships, or life can also cause night sweats. Try some relaxing exercises before bed.

- Medications - some meds have sweating as a side effect. Chat to your healthcare provider if you think yours is causing it.

- Unhealthy lifestyle - smoking, drinking alcohol or eating salty, spicy or fatty foods can all increase sweating.

Some tips that may help:
- Sleep in lightweight PJs and use a fan or open window
- Avoid caffeine, smoking and booze close to bedtime
- Shower before bed to wash off the day's sweat
- Change and wash sheets regularly
- Stay hydrated by drinking enough water during the day

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