The pill has many benefits like preventing pregnancy, regulating periods, and easing cramps. But everybody reacts differently. Some side effects of the pill you could have:

 - Nausea or vomiting.
 This usually goes away after a few months once your body gets used to the hormones. Taking the pill with food can help.

- Breast tenderness or swelling. This is usually mild and temporary. Wearing a comfortable bra can provide some relief.

- Headaches . Drink lots of water and take painkillers like paracetamol if needed. If headaches persist, chat with your healthcare provider about switching pills.

- Mood changes. Some pills can cause mood swings, anxiety or depression. This typically improves after 3 months, but if it continues, there are other pill options.

- For some ladies, the pill increases appetite, leading to extra kilos. Eating healthy and staying active helps manage weight.

- Spotting between periods usually resolves within the first 3 months as your body adjusts. If it continues, your healthcare provider can recommend ways to stop the spotting.

 - Decreased libido.
 This is not common, but some pills can lower sex drive. Trying a different pill usually resolves this.

 Don't hesitate to chat with your doctor if side effects concern you - there are many pill options to try until you find one that suits you best! Stay safe!