Here are some tips that may help:

 - Wear socks! Thick, wool socks are great for keeping feet warm. Double up on socks if one pair isn't enough. 

- Try slippers around the house to keep feet cosy.
- Before bed, soak feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes. This boosts circulation.
- Apply moisturiser or coconut oil to feet before bed. The extra moisture helps retain heat.
- Stay active during the day. Moving around gets blood pumping to the extremities.
- Elevate feet when sitting or sleeping. This improves circulation.
- Wear closed shoes instead of sandals to protect from the cold.
- Drink warm fluids like tea to warm the body from the inside.

Check that you don't have an iron or thyroid deficiency, as these can cause poor circulation. See a healthcare provider if it persists.

 Stay warm!