There could be a few reasons for your feet getting hot and swollen at times. 

It could just be from being on your feet a lot hey, especially if you're wearing tight shoes or takkies. Giving your feet a break, and putting them up when you can, helps. Wearing more comfy tekkies or sandals can also make a difference.

But if it's happening a lot, it could be a sign of something more serious like a circulation problem or diabetes potentially. I'd advise chatting to your doctor or clinic nurse about it just to check it out. They can look at your feet and do some simple tests to see what's causing it.

In the meantime, try keep your feet elevated when you can, wear loose/open shoes, soak your feet in cool water or ice water, and take a painkiller like Panado if they're sore. Compression socks or stockings can also help with swelling. Stay hydrated and limit salt to avoid fluid retention.

 If the swelling and heat don't get better in a week or two, then you should definitely get it checked out. Look after those feet!