Bloating can be caused by a few different things. Here are some possible reasons and tips:

 - Eating too much processed or junk food
 Leads to gas and bloating. Try cutting back and eating more fruits, veggies, and whole grains instead.

- Not enough exercise. Being inactive causes digestive issues. Try taking a walk after meals to get things moving.

- Food intolerances. For some people dairy, gluten, etc can cause bloating. You could try eliminating foods one at a time to see if it helps.

- Constipation. Not going #2 regularly backs you up and causes bloating. Drink lots of water, eat high fibre foods, and try natural laxatives like prunes.

- Hormones. Bloating can happen right before your period starts due to hormonal changes. This is normal, but let your healthcare provider know if it's severe.

 - Medical conditions. 
In rare cases, bloating can signal something more serious like IBS, food allergies, or infections. If lifestyle changes don't help, please see a healthcare provider.